Email Marketing is Dead

by Matt Fields

If you need customers and are short on time and money email marketing is definitely not dead!

In this post I’ll share the basics of how to develop a successful email marketing strategy for your startup. It will cost less than $100, require some basic web/computer skills and take 1-5 hours of your time each week.

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I used this same strategy last year with a publisher network to acquire 700+ customers in less than 60 days while on a 1,500+ mile motorcycle trip up the west coast.

Get Customer Emails

Before you can get started a ton of email address are required. Lots of services and platforms exist that will sell you email addresses. Don’t waste your money! Instead, spend your money on a scrapper to collect email addresses from directories and websites.

I use Scrapebox, a very versatile tool that can be purchased for $97. Depending on your needs, you might want to use another scrapper or build your own. Once you have a scrapper setup, build a list of directories and websites to scrape. Plug them into your scrapper and wait while it collect email addresses.

Create A Landing Page

When someone opens your email you want to direct them to a landing page to signup for your service/product or opt-in to receive more information. In the beginning keep it simple. A basic landing page and contact form is good enough to get started. Later on you can invest time into testing landing page designs, build free eBooks to give away and create drip email campaign.

Don’t Get Blacklisted

Don’t use an email address associated with your domain name (ex: It can lead to your domain getting blacklisted. Create a couple email accounts with Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or Hotmail.

Be CAN-SPAM Compliant

Take a few minutes to read through CAN-SPAM. If you violate the rules it can get expensive and painful fast! Make sure you include your business name, address, and a method for recipients to unsubscribe on every email you send out!

Create Variations, Test and Repeat

Email marketing is a numbers game! When starting out your conversion rate will be terrible. Build multiple variations with different subjects, pitches and landing pages to improve your conversion rate. Just make sure to use analytics to track email click through rate and landing page performance.